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on 7-12-2014.
Buy Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy now!

The spacious Advanced Bivy can be used in place of a single tent. It is larger than the Alpine Bivy, with more space for thicker sleeping pads and loftier bags. The patented dual-pole system can be used for increased ventilation and interior space, or left behind when weight and pack space are critical. The GORE-TEX« Respiration PositiveTM fabric allows warm moist air to escape to avoid condensation while providing supreme weather protection. A zippered vent at the base improves airflow on humid nights. Specs: length 87 in.; peak height 20 in.; width at shoulders 26 in.; packed size 15╝ x 4 x 4 in.

Reader Reviews
As an avid hitchhiker who needs a shelter that is quick to set up and then pack in the morning, I decided a bivy sack would be the best option. But after going through two cheap nylon bivy sacks that didn't breath and had me waking up soaked with condensation, it was obvious that an investment in a quality Gore-Tex bivy was necessary. I bought the Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy and now, having used it for six months in a variety of places, from hot sandy desert to snowy forests, I think I have a pretty complete view of its pluses and minuses. The OR Advanced Bivy has a nylon exterior with a Gore-Tex Respiration Positive coating on the inside. When I first received the bivy, I was a bit worried that there was no label with the "Guaranteed to Keep You Dry" claim that comes with Gore-Tex clothing. However, after being rained on a number of times in this bivy, I've found that the bag does keep moisture out quite well. Note that it is important to keep the foot of the bag convex (e.g. stuff it with some clothes), since the bag may eventually leak through if there's a depression there and a puddle forms. Otherwise, water runs smoothly off the bag (it's so reassuring to lie in the bag and see the silhouettes of raindrops flowing down the sides). Condensation from one's breath or sweat is not an issue with the OR Advanced Bivy. Except for a few centimetres of taped seams at the top where moisture may form, the Gore-Tex Respiration Positive coating works admirably. For especially humid environments, there's a mesh screen at the foot of the bag that can be opened with a zipper for further ventilation, but I've rarely used that and I've still encountered no appreciable moisture buildup inside the bag. Avoiding moisture is *the* key feature of a bivy sack, and this one excels.Read more ›

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