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on 7-12-2014.
Buy Outdoor Research Aurora Bivy now!

The Aurora Bivy is a classic, no-frills, light bivy that has the weather protection that you need. The 3-layer GORE-TEX® Respiration PositiveTM fabric allows you to breathe comfortably while managing condensation and deflecting rain and snow. Specs: length 84 in.; peak height 17.5 in.; width at shoulders 25 in.; packed size 13 x 4 x 4 in.

Reader Reviews
I have used this on long distance multi-week hikes instead of a tent. This is a great lightweight shelter. It can be used by itself without a sleeping bag down to around 45d or so. It is waterproof. It is also bug proof. It does take getting used to. It is a single wall shelter. Water vapor will condense any time there is a temperature differential between surfaces, such as the warm inside of the bivy and the cold outside. As with any other single wall shelter it will trap condensation inside UNLESS you also use a vapor barrier liner inside your sleeping bag. The VBL will trap the water vapor/sweat before it can hit the inside of the bivy and will keep your sleeping bag dry.

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