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Trico Iron Case - Bike Travel Case

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Buy Trico Iron Case - Bike Travel Case by Trico now! Trico Iron Case - Bike Travel Case

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on 7-12-2014.
Buy Trico Iron Case - Bike Travel Case now!

Trico's Legendary Iron Case The ultra-strong Iron Case was designed and created to take the worry out of traveling with your bicycle - period! And it's been providing worry-free bike travel for over 20 years. You can't enjoy your biking plans if you don't have the strongest, easiest-to-pack, and most-maneuverable bike carrier on this planet, and the Iron Case has the features and the longest track record to take the fretting out of your travel plans. Check it out. *Note: Some of the larger size road and triathlon bikes may not fit in this case. Please call for more information. Iron CaseŽ bicycle carriers from Trico offer the best travel protection in the market. The vacuum formed multi-channel TriconiumŽ shell achieves the highest possible strength/weight ratio - making the Iron Case not only bullet proof, but also lightweight (only 31 lbs.). The bicycle is cocooned in three layers of foam, requiring a minimal amount of dis-assembly. Only the wheels, pedals and seat post have to be removed on most bicycles (handlebars on some models). There's also room to store aero bars, tools, helmet and a full wet suit. *Fully lockable

Reader Reviews
I purchased the Trico case last month for a mountain bike trip. My brother purchased the Thule case for the same trip and we both highly recommend the Trico case over the Thule case. Obviously the Thule case will get the job done but the Trico case is much better. He went with the Thule case because it was compatible with the Thule roof rack. I don't see any reason you couldn't mount the Trico case on a Thule roof rack. I have a full suspension mountain bike with 5 inches of travel and I didn't have to take the fork off but my brother did with the Thule case (not a huge deal). Here are some reasons why I think the Trico case is better: 1) The Trico case is much more durable because it's made with a thicker and stronger material. I found the Thule case to be very flimsy which left spaces between the top and bottom shells when we closed the case. 2) The Trico case comes with two very strong metal braces that support the frame and fork when the hubs/wheels are removed. These braces allow you to compress the two shells together without damaging the bike. The Thule case does not have any frame/fork braces. 3) The Trico case has three layers of foam protecting your bike where the Thule case has two plus a useless thin layer of plastic that does not cushion the wheels at all. 4) The Trico case is a perfect rectangle with square corners giving it larger internal dimensions than the Thule case. This is why my brother had to take his fork off to get the bike to fit in the case. 5) The Trico case has more buckles and straps than the Thule case making it easier to close tight. 6) The Trico case is ready to go right out of the box but the Thule case requires you to attach the wheels and all the plastic buckles.Read more ›

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